Capability Analytics Platform

Single source of digital commerce capability intelligence

Our platform automates the analysis and identification of strengths and gaps in capabilities across your organisation.

The intelligence enables digital commerce leaders to accelerate profitable growth by identifying exactly where, when, how and how much to invest in digital commerce capabilities.

Digital commerce is at the core of today's
omnichannel retail market

The influence is only increasing

We get it. As brand leaders, you need to decide where to prioritise investment in people, systems, tools and how to structure their regional and local organisations.

To do that effectively, you need to understand your own capabilities relative to industry leaders - both legacy and digital-native brands.
Ultimately, you need to answer the following questions:
1. Do we have the right capabilities needed to be competitive?
2. How far are we from best-in-class in our category and across the wider industry?
3. What investments do we need to prioritise?
4. What actions do we need to take to materially improve our competitiveness?

SEEC Capability Intelligence

Strategy - Enablers - Execution - Culture

SEEC analysis and benchmarking of brand capabilities at regional, market/business unit and functional levels. We delve into unprecedented operational levels of capabilities to uncover the true differentiators between leaders and laggards.
By Region
Regional nuances are fully considered. For example, if intermediaries are not advanced in your region, then less emphasis is needed on this channel.
By Market
Market dynamics are different and require local perspectives. For example, investment in live-streaming will depend on market and consumer readiness.
By Function
We've created a novel framework that maps the roles and responsibilities of each function to the ultimate digital commerce strategy.
Partner Ecosystem

Need to know which technology and services providers are most capable of helping your business?

Our Partner Ecosystem delivers independent intelligence on over 200 external partners best positioned to help brands to win on digital channels.
Digital Shelf

Which Digital Shelf provider? Who has the best coverage, roadmap, delivery, actionable insights, experience in my category?

Market Share

Who is investing in cracking the algorithms? What level of accuracy is achievable? Who is the best partner to deliver this critical intelligence?

Professional Services

Which consultants/ agencies are best positioned to advise us on strategy and execution. Who truly represents best digital commerce practise?

Advanced Analytics

Should we be supplementing our internal analytics with external partners? Who has the best capabilities in the consumer space?

Intermediary Management

Can our digital shelf provider track & measure performance across intermediaries? What's best for our local markets? Where do we start?

Semantic Analysis

Does our social listening provider also track digital commerce channel sentiment?  How can online sentiment analysis be merged with wider intelligence to enable decisions?

ecomm Search Optimisation

Who can help us to boost our pureplay/marketplace performance? Which providers have APIs and etailer expertise to drive traffic, conversion & sales?

Amazon Analytics

How do we combine our internal expertise with third party Amazon experts? How do we merge Amazon digital shelf & share? Which partner is most advanced & accurate?

Southeast Asia Enablers

Which of the various SEA enablers is best suited to our brand(s)? Where have enablers got the deepest channel and market expertise?

Latest innovations

What's the latest in digital commerce technology & services? We've cracked digital shelf, sentiment analysis, marketplace optimisation - what's next? Which providers are truly leading edge?

Industry News
What are leaders in digital commerce doing?
What innovations are driving the industry?
Category News
What are your competitors doing in digital commerce?
How are retail channel partner developments impacting our category?

Category Insights

Our IQ platform incorporates insights from a range of categories - delivering industry intelligence to inspire your strategy.
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