SEEC framework

Consumer brands are suffering from 'consulting fatigue' when it comes to digital strategy

Our SEEC framework refreshingly goes to an unrivalled level of granularity and actionability to uncover exactly where, when, how and how much brands need to invest in digital commerce
Cleary defined strategy understood by executive
and operational teams,
and by external partners.

Be the ‘Brand of choice’ for digital channel partners.
Comprehensive data, tools and insights covering multi-channel digital consumer journeys.

Actionable insights leveraging data science & AI.
Agile processes in place to facilitate actions.

Shared objectives with measurable results and reporting.
Collaborative, transparent environment both internally and with external partners.

Testing, Learning and Innovation encouraged.

Independent, weighted assessment and benchmarking of digital commerce capabilities

Helping brands optimize investment in 'how to win in digital'. The DCG 'score' informs brands on exactly how they compare to their own category and the wider industry.

Our benchmarking methodology combines anonymous insights from internal executive and operational teams with external peer brand and wider industry best practice.

Our framework sets the standard for 'best-in-class' digital commerce execution

What do we mean by granularity?

In collaboration with leading brands, our team of experts have mapped each function to their specific SEEC-based digital commerce responsibilities.

We don't waste much time on theoretical, macro factors. We get into the detail of what actually matters to commercial success in digital commerce.

Quotes on DCG's benchmarking from some of the world's leading brands

This is a fantastic assessment and the team and I at Coca-Cola ASP are really happy to be included
Andrew Hill
Strategic partnerships head, CPG Specialist
“DCG's capability benchmarking helps consumer brands understand where they are in terms of capability today, and where to prioritise investment tomorrow”
Neel Arora
Global Head of eCommerce
“Great to partner & leverage the scale of such a wide & diverse group to gain such valuable insights”
Phil Wilkinson
European eCommerce Director
“Great benchmarking framework! Digital Commerce Capabilities is an ongoing evolution. The leaders are thinking ahead to the future of commerce to enhance and iterate capabilities. Global measurement can remain challenged to support the capabilities globally.”
Celia Van Wickel
Retail Rethink Top 100 Influencer
“My first experience of DCG’s global digital commerce capability benchmarking output (in the form of their Digital Shelf benchmark) was intriguing. The DCG team have devised a truly unique, independent framework that is full of detail, insights, and very tangible actions. We’re delighted to be participating in this new industry standard”.
Jamie Schwab
Worldwide Director, Digital Commerce
“DCG's independence and integrity is perhaps unique on a global scale. In a very short space of time, we have taken some big decisions, aligned with our global HQ stakeholders. This has made us truly agile - coming from strategic clarity from partnering with DCG.”
Nick Lee
Former VP, Market Leader, APAC
”Love this work and looking forward to hearing how Unilever Digital Commerce benchmarks”
Oliver Bradley
Digital Commerce Experience Design & Content director
Johnson & Johnson
“DCG’s Chinese benchmarking and analytics are powerful and show a deep understanding of the Chinese digital commerce ecosystem”.
James Mounter
VP, Sales & Customer Dev, APAC
Pernod Ricard
“What we learnt from DCG’s benchmarking is that we have lots of room for improvement. We now have a greater awareness of all the things that we need to do to win the digital shelf. The DCG SEEC framework is hugely valuable for the industry and we’re delighted to be an early adopter in this powerful community.“
Pierre Delfosse
VP eCommerce & Digital Growth
“Our leadership, European and APAC teams got great value from DCG’s benchmarking support. The service has been key to enabling various strategic decisions for the business.”
Bobby Sheikh
VP Marketing
“DCG’s digital shelf benchmark delivered an unrivalled level of global and local market insights for our teams. Key for us is that we have taken actions, particularly in the areas of investing in customer JBPs and gaining more holistic understandings of the shopper journey, that have generated tangible commercial value for our online business.”
Alberto Kechler
Head of eCommerce Europe
”Understanding how we invest in capabilities across the digital commerce ecosystem is imperative for Affinity’s success. DCG’s independent benchmarking delivers unprecedented intelligence on exactly where and how we should be focussing our capability investment. The resulting capability decisions we make have a massive impact on our performance.”
Paco Garcia Bravo
eCommerce Director

How we run our initial analysis process

Strategy survey -
all participants
Operational survey
by function,
by market
interviews with heads of ecomm/digital
Design Thinking
workshops -
Agile sprints

Continuous process

Key to the success of benchmarking is to apply a repetitive process that tracks recommendations, actions and impact.

Continuous improvements are critical to brand competitiveness.

Start benchmarking your capabilities

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